Some teachings shared in school, when we were younger that personal hygiene should be exercised daily in order to maintain health and a clean body that is strong in enduring sicknesses and other ailments. However, as people grow and shoulder more responsibilities in their hands, they sometimes become forgetful of the basic things they should do for themselves in order to be fit and healthy. Every ailment begins in neglecting the basic things.

10. Washing Hands before Eating

Kids and even adults these days forget that most of the germs that cause diarrhea are transmitted with the use of hands. When they neglect washing their hands before, and even after eating, they are also munching bad bacteria that can give out an upset stomach. Carrying a hand gel is not that bad of a suggestion, but it is more recommended to clean the hands with wet alcohol and dry it with tissue. This guarantees germ free eating and a better chance of not sitting on the stinky throne after dining out with friends and even family members, or worse, with your date.

9. Flossing or Using the Toothpick after Eating

People think that food deposits can be taken away from in-between the teeth with the help of drinking soda or water after finishing a meal. This may prove to be unhelpful when eating beef strips, chicken fillet, lamb stew, or munching vegetables. You do not want to end up showing that pearly white smile, tarnished with obvious traces of food on the tooth gaps and along the gumline. Using dental floss or maximizing the presence of a toothpick can help a lot in saving oneself from total humiliation after eating.

8. Combing the Hair after Taking a Bath

This does not happen to the girls since they consider their hair as their crowning glory. To some guys however, they just think of their hair as props to look more complete. Due to time being wasted on combing the hair and fixing it to look better, people just fix it using their hands, forgetting that the scalp also needs some kind of massage through the use of hair brushes or combs. In fact, taking care of the hair assures delayed or even avoidance of being bald at an older age.

7. Cutting Fingernails before It Cuts Your Friends

This comes with a great exemption to women who are vain of having their nails longer than typical with regular change of color coating each week. However, if you feel that you cannot maintain your fingernails clean away from dirt, having accumulated large amounts of black solid matter on the nails, then make it a habit to cut it once a week while taking a bath or before leaving the house. On the other hand, if you are really that dead lazy, then have an appointment set with manicurists cleaning nails for you. People are not just used to seeing Sabertooth eating some burger or fries over lunch.

6. Brush Your Teeth after Meals or Even after Waking Up in the Morning


We cannot deny that this is one of the most neglected habits in the home. It should be stimulus already that after feasting over lunch or dinner and you feel that your mouth is all smelly and sticky, do take a couple of minutes staying on the bathroom, facing the mirror, and brushing your teeth to a better smile. Sure, you can get away with the bad breath by chewing bubble gum or taking in menthol candies, however, it is only temporary since the tongue holds the taste of the food, affecting the smell of the saliva. Worse, neglecting this simple habit can trigger more disorders like halitosis, tooth decay, gingivitis, and even tooth loss.

5. Freshen Up Before You Sleep

Everyone can be forgiven with the fact that being hygienic after work or school can be very stressful. In fact, the first thing that comes into the mind of an individual after a hard and tiring day is to sleep and get back all the lost energy by taking a snooze. However, there is wisdom in freshening up before sleeping since it can provide a cold and soothing feeling to the skin, making resting even healthier than it is intended to be in the first place. Besides, would anyone really like to go home and make the bed smell like the streets?

4. Cleaning the Hands after Taking a Leak or a Poop

People are very silent when it comes to this topic because they will find it hard to admit that they do not wash their hands after they pee or poop inside public restrooms. This is actually applicable regardless of gender since both guys and gals are guilty of holding the door knob carrying all the yucky stuff after holding sensitive parts of their body to do whatever nature bids them to accomplish. From tissue rolls near the toilet to liquid hand soaps and dryers on the lavatory, public restrooms have been equipped with hygienic objects to guarantee safety and cleanliness, so use it and make the most out of it since it is free of charge.

3. Covering the Mouth while Sneezing or Coughing

“Say it, don’t spray it!” This is one of the most common stock lines used whenever a person forgets to cover his or her mouth while sneezing or coughing. It may be more than enough of a gesture to cover it with the use of hands, however, it does not serve the purpose of trapping viruses from spreading to the air. It is no longer new knowledge that sneezing and coughing releases elements that can cause an individual to obtain a cold or cough virus. It is an advice to carry a handkerchief or a towel inside the pocket, just in case this untoward incident happens again. It is as if Godzilla is becoming engaged in biochemical warfare, shooting out liquid that can wreak havoc to humanity.

2. Cutting Toenails

Since toenails are hidden from the eyes of man, there are people who do not share or reveal the secret of maintaining and taking care of their feet. They are those that wear sneakers or socks even in their bedrooms. These are the people who hate to go to the beach because they do not want to wear flip-flops and unveil their treasured surprise. If they do, they are reminded of cutting their toenails by the time it is set to be presented to be stared upon by people. There is this Celebrity Death Match event between the Backstreet Boys and N-Sync where they have brought out their nasty and sharp weapons of war, in the form of long toenails.

1. Regular Shower Becomes Irregular, Even Minimal


There are people in some countries that do not take a shower or a bath as often as they should, thinking that their surroundings are clean, the air has minimal pollution, and the scent of fresh everglades are smelled everywhere. With this being used as an excuse, they just change their clothes and spend other days of the week without visiting the shower room, forgetting that they also sweat while doing other activities, making their armpits as stinky as rotten Mexican tacos, their body smelling like sun-dried cuttlefish, and their feet like squished dead mice inside the shoe. It has been counseled by the WHO that taking a bath once a day is already minimal for an individual to become fresh and free from pollutants.