Getting into any relationship is hard enough, but when these 10 signs your girlfriend is a psycho begin to arise, it can be nerve wrecking. The most prevalent signs include:

  1. Constant calling can be one of the first clues that your girlfriend is a psycho.When she feels the need to call you so many times that you begin to worry, it can be a sign of your girlfriend being overly possessive. There is a big difference between calling to talk and calling to know where you are at all times. This can even become a bigger problem if your girlfriend begins to call your place of employment.
  2. If your girlfriend tries to pick and choose who your friends are, it is a definite sign leading to problems with your girlfriend. Whether your friends are male or female, if she tries to cut you off from friendships, there are definite problems. Just like you have no right to tell her who she can and cannot be friends with, you don’t need to deal with that either. This problem can later extend to issues with coworkers.
  3. Cyber stalking is an issue that has become more prevalent with the usage of social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.If you suddenly have a spike in page views after you started dating your girlfriend or tons of comments from your girlfriend, this can definitely be a sign that she’s a psycho. She could be trying to see whom you’re talking to, who you are friends with, or whom you are with when you’re not with her. It can lead to more unhealthy behavior.
  4. If she drops the “L” word early into your relationship, it can definitely prove to be worrisome.It is always important to express feelings in a relationship, but a sign of your girlfriend being a psycho can come when she says that she loves you too early into the game. If you place boundaries early into the relationship, your girlfriend might be able to change, but some psychos never change.
  5. If your girlfriend is constantly talking about men she previously dated, it is a serious red flag.If you’re like any other man, you don’t need to know in-depth about all of her exes This can show that she is the type to hold on too tight, and you don’t want to become one of many on her list.
  6. A girlfriend that shares interests with you is always a plus, but having the exact same interests isn’t always the best. When your girlfriend seems to suddenly have an uncanny like for everything you mention, it’s hard not to wonder if she’s telling you the truth. It is not good to have a chameleon girlfriend; it can lead to bigger lies.
  7. When a girl has alligator arms, it can be a big problem, especially in an economy like the one we’re having right now.If your girlfriend is unwilling to reach into her purse to pay half of a date, it can show that she’s selfish and will expect you to pick up the tab for everything. That’s psycho behavior at the height of its gluttony.
  8. If your girlfriend is trying to move herself into your place, this is a definite sign that your girlfriend is psycho.This shows that she’s trying to encroach on every aspect of your life, and that it absolutely unhealthy. If you’re not at that step up, but you’re slowly trying finding more and more of her stuff in your house, you need to cut ties.
  9. When you realizing that your girlfriend is treating you more like her child than her significant other, it is a definite problem.When you suddenly realize your girlfriend talking down to you very publicly in front of people or even scolding you as if you were her own, it is best to address the subject head on.
  10. Lying is one of the biggest downfall to relationships because of it is breaking trust. Even if she is telling a white lie, it is still a lie. If you catch your girlfriend in a lie, and she still denies it, it is better to take your losses and end the relationship